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For more than 10 years we are dedicated to production of packaging materials from wood, leather and imitation leather. Our cases are designed for numismatics, collectors of guns, advertising agencies, religious officials, book publishers, and many others who want to pack or store something nicely and with quality. We are flexible whilst producing considering the size and storage of the items in cases.

Materials used

Whilst production we use various materials; wood from cherry tree, walnuts tree, oak tree, beech tree, plum tree, mahogany, leather and imitation leather (colour according to demands); and others. The inside of the cases are reupholstered with coloured velvet or they are un-reupholstered.

Types of case

  • Coin and medals vanity
  • Cases for annual collection of coins
  • Book cases
  • Cases for cup and monstrance
  • Wooden or leather cases for guns
  • Luxuriant jewellery boxes

  • Wooden tee cases
  • Cases for insignia for representatives
  • Atypical cases for collection items
  • Golden prints and silver prints
  • Cases for watches
  • Others

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is done via painting (polyurethane varnishes, polyester varnishes). We apply natural polish, waxing by bee wax, applying oil.

Hinges and Locks

Lower parts and the cover of cases are connected by hinges with locks. The size and design are suitable to type of the product and demand of the customer. The hinges allow the case to open either 90˚ or 180˚. There is a big variety of choices, e.g. golden or silver.


We offer the transport of final products or through the contracted transporters. We also provide a pick up point in our company for your chosen products.

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